About the album "ENTROPY" 2024

by track to hell

To be able to enjoy this album I recommend an atmosphere of dim lighting, if possible a good company to be able to enjoy the sensations produced by each of the tracks, an aperitif (of your choice) and let yourself be carried away by the melancholy that each note evokes.

This April 29 , Bulgarians Darkflight will release their fifth full-length studio album after 7 years since the release of “The Hereafter” (2017). The new album will be released by Symbol Of Domination Productions/Satanath Records and Australis Records . Its title is “Entropy”, and it has 9 tracks of high compositional and sound level in its 46 minutes of duration.

Their discography is completed with “ Closure ” (2014), an EP called “ In a Breathless Flight ” (2010), “ Perfectly Calm ” (2008) and the debut, “ Under the Shadow of Fear ” which was released in 2003.

Focused on a melodic doom metal with atmospheric touches, Darkflight can be related to renowned bands such as My Dying Bride , Anathema , Katatonia , among others of the genre.

The line-up includes: Milen Todorov on vocals as well as being in charge of bass, Ivo Iliev on guitar/synthesizers and Valentín Deskov behind the patches who joined the group in 2023.

The album starts with “ A sad place to call home ”, a good song to break the ice and feel part of the melancholy that the band transmits. It has excellent drum work, clean vocals and a piano that sets the rhythm until the end of it.

A new song hits our ears: track number two titled “ Second Genesis ” was one of the album's preview cuts. It begins with some beautiful guitar arrangements that continue throughout much of the song and are combined with Milen's melancholic voice.
A surprising incursion of a female voice makes the third song of the album immerse us in the deepest trance. The musicalization during these 4:40 minutes of “ So Much to Tell ” makes us remember those great albums by The Gathering such as “How measure a planet?” or the “if_then_else”. An excellent song to leave on Repeat.

Titled “ Vague Echoes ”, we find an acceptable interpretation with good quality in the structures of the song, with guitar sounds with some distortion.

Fifth song on the album: with beautiful melodies that are reminiscent of the Anathema from “Eternity”, we find “ Buried Together ”, a track that would be the ideal soundtrack for someone who is taking a trip on a route with the only company of the stars. A truly magical theme.

“ Rebirth ” starts and we find a piano accompanied by a delicate melodic voice that suggests a sense of deep and mysterious connection with the listener. More than recommended.
The end of the album is approaching: “ Your Time has Passed ” plays following the general line of the album, a simple, effective song, with a guitar base that maintains the riff during the almost 4 minutes (the shortest on the LP) that it lasts. the song.

It's time for “ Towards the Ruins ” and the intro is reminiscent of the song “ To Myself i Turned ” by the Italians Lacuna Coil . A great Darkflight theme.

The album is a journey through emotions. Each song takes us to a different place, from joy and hope, to sadness and nostalgia. Throughout listening, we encounter landscapes that resonate deeply with us, allowing us to enjoy a sensory journey in its purest form.

by The Headbanging Moose

This Bulgarian doom trio will darken your senses with their fifth full-length album, a monumental work of sadness and despair taking the listener on a soul reaping journey through afterlife and purgatory.

Formed in the already distant year of 2000 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, crafting a hybrid of Blackened Doom with fantasy-influenced lyrics, the unyielding Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal entity Darkflight has just unelashed upon mankind their fifth full-length opus, titled Entropy, following up on their 2017 album The Hereafter. Stronger than ever, and showcasing a melodic brilliance, the album proves that the band has matured and created a monumental work of sadness and despair, taking the listener on a soul reaping journey through afterlife and purgatory, all carefully brought into being by Milen Todorov on vocals and bass, Ivo Iliev on the guitars and synths, and Valentin Deskov on drums, being therefore perfect for admirers of the music by My Dying Bride, Anathema, and Katatonia.

The band’s obscure, old school Doom Metal feast begins with the lugubrious A Sad Place to Call Home, with Valentin delivering those traditional sluggish beats, darkening the skies while Milen declaims the song’s deep lyrics with tons of passion. Second Genesis is even more melodic, whimsical and atmospheric, blending the finesse of Atmospheric Black Metal with nuances of Progressive Rock while Ivo sounds fantastic on the guitars, delivering an amazing solo halfway through it; and  a mysterious female guest vocalist bring an extra touch of finesse to So Much to Tell, a beautiful ballad by Darkflight that brings melancholy and hope to our blackened hearts, whereas more of their fusion of rock and metal sounds is offered to us all in Vague Echoes, with the soothing guitars and synths by Ivo sounding very comforting and enfolding.

Then a pensive, deep start to the passionate vocals by Milen kick off the also embracing tune Buried Together, a beautiful ballad led by the intense vocals by Milen, while Rebirth follows a similar pattern, being at the same time dark, atmospheric and mesmerizing, with Ivo having an amazing performance with his piano and synths, or in other words, it’s definitely a song to listen to together with your loved ones. Your Time Has Passed is a more straightforward tune by Darkflight, bringing forward their trademark dark sounds infused with Gothic Rock and Metal elements, also offering another blast of Milen’s ethereal vocal lines while Valentin dictate’s the song’s gorgeous pace behind his drums. They keep embellishing the airwaves with their Atmospheric Black, Doom and Gothic Metal in Towards the Ruins, where once again Ivo and Valentin generate the perfect ambience for Milen to shine on vocals; and closing the album the trio offers more of their soothing, penetrating sounds in the form of Be Well, not as amazing as the rest of the album but still a solid ballad by those Bulgarian rockers.

In a nutshell, Entropy is a very well-crafted and detailed journey through the realms of Atmospheric Black and Doom Metal that truly deserves a full listen by any fan of good heavy music, and if you also want to know more about Darkflight, their tour dates and plans for the future, you can start following the band on Facebook, stream their music on Spotify or any other streaming service, and above all that, grab a copy of their striking new album from Symbol of Domination’s BandCamp page. The dark, pensive and mournful musical journey crafted by Darkflight in their new album will simply crush your hearts and souls, positioning them as one of the must-see names of the Bulgarian scene, and adding an extra layer of doom to the metal community worldwide.

by Heavy Debriefings

The 3rd album (it's fifth - note by the band) from Bulgaria’s Darkflight may be their most dark and emotional album to date. Hitting some of the crushing tones of the past with their black and doom sound, mixed in with some more alternative gothic metal overtones this album is perfect for a rainy night or a night where you are feeling emotionally drained. I highly recommend this one for fans of Shape of Despair, October Tide, and especially mid-era Katatonia in particular sections. This is a rough listen in the best way possible. It’s a soul crusher, but a much-needed soul-crushing.

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