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Darkflight started in the year 2000, creating a mix of blackened doom metal with fantasy influenced lyrics. In the beginning of 2002, the debut demo "Obscure" was completed, with the demo's concept inspired by Adam Nichols's fantasy book, "The War Of The Lords Veil". The band signed a deal with Rage of Achilles Records (UK) and released the debut album "Under the Shadow of Fear" on June 30th, 2003.

Later in 2004, Rage of Achilles Records announced that it would cease to exist due to financial problems and the band released another demo called "Promo 2004" while searching for a new label. After some unsuccessful interaction with a bankrupt label, the band recorded another demo in 2007 called "Distant Pain" and signed a deal with Ars Magna Recordings (US) to release their second full length album. Recording sessions took place in the winter of 2007 and the "Perfectly Calm" album was born, released on the 6th of June 2008.

In 2010 Darkflight re-recorded some of the unreleased tracks from the past years and released an EP album that marked the band's 10 years of existence. "In a Breathless Flight" was released on limited pro printed CD-R by Gris Records (UKR). In the winter of 2012/2013 the band got signed to Black Plague Records (US) and completed the third full length album called "Closure" which was co-released on the 7th of February, 2014 with Metallic Media (US).

With the release of this CD, Darkflight decided to expand the concept and yet again it took some years to compose and record it. "The Hereafter" album was born and released on the 22nd of June, 2017. This time the band included some guest appearances and some singing parts. The CD was also released by Black Plague Records with the help of Metallic Media and Symbol Of Domination Productions (Satanath Records's sublabel in MD).

After the successful contribution of Milen's voice in the song "Threshold of Death", he became permanent band member, main vocalist and bass player. The band started working on the 5th full length album and a new drummer Valentin Deskov has joined. In the beginning of 2024 the new album "Entropy" has been completed and the band signed a deal with Symbol Of Domination Productions to release it.

Current line-up

Ivo IlievIvo Iliev

Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Drums.


Born: 28.10.1977
Influences: mainly doom metal/atmospheric rock
Recent favorites: The Wounded, TodoMal, MDB, Lumsk.

Milen TodorovMilen Todorov

Clean vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitars


Born: 08.12.1977
Influences: unknown
Recent favorites: Soen

Valentin DeskovValentin Deskov



Born: 21.05.1979
Influences: .....
Recent favorites: ..........

Official image with the older line up